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About Scout IPPM

Scout IPPM is a mobile app that lets you monitor crops for pests and pollinators, providing integrated management recommendations specific to your farm.

The current version of the app is designed for scouting pumpkin and squash crops in Ontario. Future expansion to other crops and other provinces is planned.

“Using the SCOUT app is easy and quick. It must be done three times during the season to generate reliable recommendations. The app can be used on multiple fields and farms and in different management systems.”

The app allows Ontario cucurbit crop growers to simultaneously evaluate pests and pollinator populations in their crops, and provides action recommendations to growers based on that scouting.

Scout uses scientific data and government guidelines to set action recommendations; guidelines are updated to reflect new information.

Simple Scouting

Utilizes a straightforward scouting methodology and helpful pollinator identification diagrams, developed in collaboration with scientists and growers.

Meaningful Insights

Provides scouting reports and annual farm-specific action recommendations to growers and crop scouts, using scientific data and OMAFRA’s government guidelines.

Collaboratively Created

Created by a diverse team of scientists, designers and app developers, with support from growers, agricultural organizations and industry stakeholders.

Private & Secure

Whether you’re scouting one field, multiple fields, or multiple farms, the app keeps all of your information and scouting data organized and secure.

Works Offline

An internet connection is not required while scouting crops. Any unsaved scouting data will be automatically uploaded the next time you connect to the internet.

Pest Management Support

Offers field-specific support for pest management systems including ‘No Pesticides’, ‘Pesticides applied on schedule’ and ‘Pesticides applied at economic threshold (IPM)’

Our Team

Dr. Susan Chan

Project Lead

Dr. Lora Morandin

Project Lead

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Geoff Campbell

UX & Communication